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Hello guys, im a new contributor on Alamy. Hope sales have been good for you all.

As a illustrator that works with vector mostly i was quite surprised to see that they sell all vectors for 9.99 as opposed to photos/illustrations where there are alot of pricing options.

So my question is - for a contributor, whats the advantage of uploading the vector file instead of only the jpeg? It seems like uploading the vector file will limit the amount of money he can make with the sales. Would love to read your opinions on this before uploading my work.


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I think it's like anything. You will probably sell more of the vector than the illustration, depending on the subject.  I'm toying with both at the moment, but it will be awhile before Iupload any.



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One (tenuously relevant) advantage is that they upload and get QC'd by some automated process, both on weekdays and weekends, thus making the whole thing go at rocket speed. Or at least that's been my experience - I seldom keep track of the day of the week, so was wondering why my photos and illustrations were proceeding a zillion times slower than the vectors - of course, today is Saturday *slaps forehead*

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