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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. I found that we have a forum for photography issues, but there isn’t a forum for illustration issues. Is it because Alamy is stock photography site and Illustrations are less important? Sometimes I see a very few topics on illustration on this site, but not enough. I started learning ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR to sell vector illustration images on Alamy and other sites. I thought that it would be nice to exchange ideas and experience with other illustrators on this site. Excuse me If this kind of topic has been already discussed in the past.
  2. I just had a great idea on how to easily make millions at this business, and thought I'd mess with vector illustration a bit. So I had a few fundamental technical questions for anyone who would be kind of enough to answer. I do understand the basic concept of how vector files work as opposed to raster files. And I've gone thru a few informative, online tutorials. But I'd still like to know if "vector files" created in Photoshop CC using "paths" to design shapes can be saved as EPS files that are perfectly compatible with Alamy standards. (assuming all the technicals are perfect, of course). That is, can I get by solely with Photoshop or not at all, and will need to utilize other programs such as Illustrator? And then, after creating a vector file in PS, do you need to flatten all the layers before saving and uploading to Alamy? Plus, let's say you get that really nice design. Is it a good idea to make many similar variations- like changing sky colors, adding clouds, or other elements? Plus I've dabbled in making a vector illustration in PS, (using pen paths and filling shapes), but can I then use the art brush within those shapes so that the final product becomes an artistic (even painterly) illustration all as a genuine vector?
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