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Conference accreditation question

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6 minutes ago, vpics said:

No. That's just from conversations with other photographers.


I think I'll rule it out as a possible area of expansion then. No point in spending money to gain stock images.

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1 hour ago, RedSnapper said:


I've done a lot of party conferences ....never been charged for desk space






Thanks Keith


6 minutes ago, funkyworm said:

Accreditations procedures are as variant as the number of people making up accreditation procedures. I have never attended an event which required payment to book desk space/wifi but I know of some which do... Olympics, commonwealth games... and they aren;t cheap. Maybe you can get away without the need, all my coverage of the Dutch general elections I sent from home, which in some cases was just around the corner.


Dont forget that people arrive and depart, or go for a jog in the case of a certain foreign secretary who doesn;t want the attention, no, please, no, can you see me, no, then I'll go for a jog again. And politicians know a photo opportunity when it presents itself.


Utrecht, The Netherlands. 19th July, 2017. Womens Europeans England vs Scotland Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon Stock Photo


Might hang around the SECC in Glasgow this weekend and see what presents itself.

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