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Problem reading video from Sandisk card

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I've recorded a mix of stills and video using the Sony a6500, and can view both on the camera. The stills download to the PC without a problem but I can't appear to download the video, in fact I can't find it using Explorer. I've shot video in the past without problems, but using the NEX6. Maybe the card is on its last legs, or I'm missing a trick?


Just checked a card from the NEX 6, the videos (MP4) are all stored under MP_ROOT  100ANV01, but nothing there on the a6500 card.


Further update! The a6500 video was recorded as XAVC S HD, rather than MP4, no idea what that means, but could be the cause?

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You're not alone, it takes some finding the first time. 

My A58 puts the AVCHD video file in private>avchd>bdmv>stream, not in mp_root. The file extension is .mts. The clip info (whatever that is) goes in, er, clipinfo.

AVCHD is higher quality than MP4 HD but with the same bitrate. Some players stutter with it- I use SMplayer rather than VLC for it.

BTW, try viewing it on your big telly, if you have one. It's eye-bleeding sharp, pretty much the same resolution as digital cinema.

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