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How did to manage the Vector Folder?

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13 hours ago, LittleCat said:

I already upload my vector files by filezilla.
But I don't know that where is vector folder in my page?
Please explain how to finding the vector folder.

Thank you.

In the FZ remote site pane I see Archive, Live News, Stock and Vector folders, in that order.

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Sorry for posting into an old treat, if there is a more actual one please guide me there.
I got the same, or at least a simmelar question like LittleCat.

Im specialiced in creating vector objekts (no illustration turned into vectors) from scratch. I would like to upload vector collections of objects in different fews, performing different actions an poses.

I did as i was told in the guide and uploaded the .esp file + a .jepg file (incluing the meta data).
Now,... where i can check the upload progress on my vector file on the alymy webside?

I can not find it anywhere in the "My Alamy Hompage" section or in the "Stock Photography at Alamy" section.
Is there some sort of portfolio section that i miss?

I hope anybody can help me.

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