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RX100m3 question about wifi and image size

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I recently downgraded (or maybe that's the wrong word) from my 5D2 to a 6d and also picked up an RX100mk3 for a walkabout pocket camera, but have hit a problem with transfering files to my tablet for live news from the little gem.
I have a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet which I was going to start using for live news uploads, BUT, I can only transfer smaller size files from the camera.
I choose the original file size in the play memories software on the tablet and it does say it depends on the camera model.
So, am I missing a trick?

The camera is very handy in other ways and I think it will get lots of use for stock, but I really would like the full size files on my tablet.

All suggestions and tips welcome, thanks. 

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I have a Sony RX100 mk3 too but have never tried to download to pad etc and did not realise there was a limit on file size either so i would be interested in any responses to this thread too.





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8 hours ago, Nigel Kirby said:

 Have you set the image settings to RAW + JPEG – it will pull the original JPEG file. If you only record RAW, it resizes.




Thanks Nigel, that did the trick. :)


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