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Found 7 results

  1. There are regularly posts questioning the use of the iPad , workflow and stock/news on here so here is my latest blog on the subject for those interested,,,, http://julieedwards-x.blog/2018/06/22/ipad-workflow-again-ios11-shuttersnitch/
  2. Hi i am looking for a way of keywording photos from my mobile device in the go, essentially accessing alamy AIM from a tablet or phone. This does not work on android device. Would it work on Windows device? Say windows 10 tablet?
  3. I recently downgraded (or maybe that's the wrong word) from my 5D2 to a 6d and also picked up an RX100mk3 for a walkabout pocket camera, but have hit a problem with transfering files to my tablet for live news from the little gem. I have a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet which I was going to start using for live news uploads, BUT, I can only transfer smaller size files from the camera. I choose the original file size in the play memories software on the tablet and it does say it depends on the camera model. So, am I missing a trick? The camera is very handy in other ways and I think it will get
  4. Am considering a tablet for basic editing while on the road, lightroom/ps. Downloading to portable storage if I have too- But all the hard work when I get back- I don't usually shoot tons of images and for now about 24mb raw files Uploading to Alamy would be useful but not essential Usual email, blog & social media updating I have read the usual reviews and the top end is obvious but what more reasonably priced ones could I manage to work with? Thank you
  5. I'm planning to purchase one of these. Reviews are favourable and just wondered if any member on here have any experience of this model. I know there are larger models but my budget will only stretch to this one plus I have very limited desk room. The use will be mainly Photoshop image Editing. John
  6. Hi At long last, I have decided to purchase a Wacom Graphic Tablet, mainly for selection works in PS. From experienced users, I would like some advice as to which size is better. I read it (I think in one of PS books) that it's easier to work with smaller ones as you don't have to move the pen around so much, which makes sense. Which would you recommend, A5 or A6 (effective area, not the actual overall size)? Thanks in advance. Sung
  7. Hi, Just wondering if any of you use a Wacom pen and tablet in Photoshop to do your PP for images. The reason I ask is that I am getting quite wobbly with the mouse now, and looking for something more accurate. I was looking at the Wacom Cintiq 13HD, a bit expensive !!!! $1075 AUD
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