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Peak Ludlow (Peak Britain?)

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16 minutes ago, arterra said:




Is there anywhere in Britain an army of Alamy photographers hasn't been to?!

Yep, and I won't tell you -_-





Plenty of places and plenty of events - sat this morning researching and found 3 -4 potential photo shoots for the coming weeks



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If you have a fair rank you'll appear higher than you'd think. I've just surprised myself by having a look at some common searches- I appear to have a dog in some very big fights, and these are images whose keywords haven't been modified for years.

There are also some surprising shortage subjects where the only competition is of the "drive-by" category any of us could outclass in 30 seconds.

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Only yesterday I was going through some shots I've taken recently in the local area, a couple of which are of a location associated with a popular historical figure. I was amazed to find that Alamy only has one image of it, a gloomy monochrome pic of poor quality taken many years ago.




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