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I am amazed by the quality of images from mobile phones these days I realise probably only any good online and not in print. What I don't understand is why the feature and quality of the phones isn't passing onto digital cameras.

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Some cameras do accept apps nowadays.

Which features did you have in mind?

The quality of the current Sony sensors is indeed stunning. There's no reason to think that the quality of their large sensors is worse than the smaller ones.

As for dslr makers that use their sensors, those may just not update their models fast enough to fully take advantage of it. Or they may not get access to the newest ones.

Unfortunately Canon is lagging behind a bit at the moment.



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OK here is a pinch.

Don’t worry. Be Happy. You have been given a wonderful set tools to realize your personal vision.

Simply use the new technology to push your personal vision into areas where most photographers and artificial intelligence cannot follow.

My iphone 3 needs upgrading, so I will be getting a new one. I do not expect to produce stock images with it. I will use it to get my feet wet, so when the day comes……

I need a change from all of this precision stuff anyway.

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And it's not just about image quality. Each person brings their own vision to a photograph through POV, time of day, weather, focal length, use of filters, post-processing, and on and on. The decision to shoot or not to shoot I have found to be a major factor in people's style. 

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