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Am I locked out?

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I uploaded two failed submissions in a row. My last submission is still coming up as in quality control whenever I try to upload again. It is almost 20 days since my last attempt and I'm not sure if I've been locked out or something. If you know anything about what to do now it would be appreciated.


Thanks Alex

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Ask MS if you're locked out. If you are in the fail queue, any uploads you do before getting the failure email will fail automatically too so there's no point doing any more..

20 days is a long time, although 2  fails in a row may account for it.

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Someone else had this problem. Here is the thread with her solution...   http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/7757-my-photo-test-was-rejected-due-to-camera/#comment-134144


Well, I've been having some issues with adding this link so here is her solution... (hope this shows up).



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Hey, I found the problem. It occurs only after failed uploaded tests. If you try to submit 3 by pushing the upload button, it will load the old failed photos, but at the bottom of the failed page there are three buttons, the first is "try again." I didn't see that. I have to hit try again before I hit upload. I thought I could skip a step. Sorry for the confusion.






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I had a look this morning and everything was as normal. Sorry for bothering you all. I don't know what I was doing wrong but if it works now - who cares!


Thanks anyway,


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