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Hello everyone....I am very new here and have many questions....let's start with this one:


While cleaning out some old hard drives, I re-discovered some images I made of Elvis Presley in one of his final concert appearances in 1977, about three months before he died.

I know that he is a celebrity and all that, but since he is the only person in the shots, how would I go about getting the required releases?  Did I mention that he's dead?

Not sure if it matters, but I had the OK from his "people", but was restricted to the first three songs in the set.

Would these be a candidate for "Editorial Only"?


Thanks for any help.  Like I said, I'm a newbee here on Alamy and I'm sure I'll be back here with many more questions in the coming weeks and I appreciate your patience with me.



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Unless you have a physical release from his heirs (or from him) yes they would be editorial only, especially if selling RF.  You can sell RM with no releases but you have to set that in AIM to say you have no releases.



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Even for editorial use you will probably be in breach of your ticket terms and lack of accreditation from the event organiser. Mosty concerts, sports events etc only allow accredited photographers to licence images, for any purpose, from the event, and they only usually allow them to be licenced for editorial use sometimes with other restrictions. Image rights for elite athletes and cedlebrities are tightly held and managed by the individual and their agent; they are highly valuable to the celebrity.


I am assuming, as you are asking the question, that you were not an accredited photographer at the concert.


If you search for Olympics here on the forum you should find a thread where IOC were pusrsuing non-accredited photographers' image use.

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