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Couple of suggestions / requests for new IM

Cribb Visuals

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I love the new Image Manager. The change has made me review my keywords which I do offline with Photo Mechanic. Honing in on the right efficient mixture of KWs takes time but I am getting there. My first suggestion is:


- a SELECT ALL KEYWORDS button or check box allowing a complete delete of KWs for that image.


In reviewing the keywords, I am using the search in Image Manager to locate certain of my photos to work on the KWs. Some of those photos I have already reviewed and optimized. But there is no indicator or color bar under the search results images showing me which are optimized and which are not:


- can you add a color bar to indicate optimized images in the IM search results?


Finally, the green bar is a little irksome if, say, you have a still life of a "white ping pong ball on a white background". That green dopamine satisfaction is not going to arrive:


- can you drop the green bar down to 30 (from the current 41/42?


Thanks again.


Great job by the tech team in the background. IM is a vast improvement.

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