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  1. I love the new Image Manager. The change has made me review my keywords which I do offline with Photo Mechanic. Honing in on the right efficient mixture of KWs takes time but I am getting there. My first suggestion is: - a SELECT ALL KEYWORDS button or check box allowing a complete delete of KWs for that image. In reviewing the keywords, I am using the search in Image Manager to locate certain of my photos to work on the KWs. Some of those photos I have already reviewed and optimized. But there is no indicator or color bar under the search results images showing me which are optimized
  2. Built in obsolescence is a necessary part of this business. Some do it faster than others. Fads are good for making a fast buck.
  3. Nice photo... unique for anyone wanting to buy one!
  4. Your best bet is to email the Botanic Garden with a thumbnail photo: http://www.jbn.gob.do/
  5. True enough. Good point. Bearing in mind that it depends on how much justice one can afford (at least in the US where I live).
  6. My old Gitzo is still running after 20 years plus (second owner here on that one). I found a Manfrotto tripod like that above chucked out in Brooklyn recently and added that to my stable! Personally, I like the older heavier steel. In rough neighborhoods that special tripod martial art comes in useful. Carbon fibre might not stand up to the abuse...
  7. I think the original poster must think that Europeans are living in the dark ages regarding copyright law. Excuse the sarcastic note. I believe that copyright law as applied in the EU is at least as strong as that in the USA.
  8. Another cost effective option is to build your own. There are lots of great tutorials in books and on the web. Building your own gives you complete control over the specs and how the machine can be upgraded. It's remarkably easy to do. My 12 year old daughter built a graphics machine. Here in the US we have suppliers like Newegg.com which offer all the parts, with customer reviews, at good prices. Something to think of... I used to buy Dell and other machines and pay a lot for the specs I wanted. But for years I switched to building our own and it saves a whole lot of money.
  9. I just ran a test on a couple of mine but nothing came up even with the word Alamy added. (Things I have at other agencies come up though)...
  10. Happened a couple of times to me recently... then cleared itself after a long delay.
  11. Using quotation marks to separate out multi-word keywords such as "blue dog" seems rather clumsy to me. Surely the standard is to use comma delimiters, for example: red, green, blue dog, breed (etc).
  12. I thought my 5D2 was aging at 130,000. You give me hope, Geoff.
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