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Open letter to Alamy

Allan Bell

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Dear Alamy,


First I would like to say that, despite some rants from myself, the new IM looks good and could work well in the future after the bugs are sorted out.


I am sure that you are reading and taking note of all the posts in the forums about the bugs and the suggestions regarding proposed improvements to the new IM as far as the general user is concerned.


However as the situation is at the moment there is some angst with the new IM and I would like to make a suggestion.


I remember the last time you changed the IM the users were allowed to be able to use the old IM alongside the new (now old) IM for a period of time so we could get used to the new system at our own pace.


Would it be possible to reintroduce the last IM back into the system (if possible) to allow the contributors to still be able to use their old working methods whilst Alamy sort out the bugs in the new system and hopefully embrace and add the suggested improvements to the new system that are being proposed in the forums.


This would I am sure help both yourselves in that it would give more time to bring the new IM up to speed, and keep the contributors happy by allowing those that wish to go back to the old IM.


Yours faithfully,


Allan Bell

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If I had known how the new version was going to work (NO ONE FROM ALAMY WAS TELLING US ANYTHING) I could have got rid of a lot of my own problems with keywords over the last few weeks prior to it going live, and could still fix things with the old version if it was available somewhere!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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