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I think there was a thread on this in the old forum but I'd like to ask again.

I use Nikon ViewNx2 software for captioning and keywording. A while ago, after long periods of use, the images started turning completely black. The problem could be cured by rebooting the computer, which was a pain but worked.

The problem is now becoming much worse, and this morning I can't use it. I first load it and can see the images but as soon as I do anything else, they turn into black rectangles.


I have downloaded the newest version, cleared the cash, uninstalled the old version of View, defragmented the hard drive and everything else I can think of.


I've found the same problems on a couple of forums, so I'm not alone, but nobody has provided an answer.


Has anybody found a solution?

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My solution was to switch to using Photo Mechanic but that's probably not the solution you're looking for, Phil.


I am serious though; ViewNX2 is so slow and flaky (Mac OSX 10.8.4) that the extra investment was worth it, just to save so much time and speed up metadata input. 


I still use ViewNX on the rare occasion I want to look up something specific about the image that I can't get in PM such as if I'm fine tuning AF or I want to see the focus point. But since I use Capture NX with PM, that data is usually easily available anyway.


ViewNX2 actually has the potential to be a super-efficient NEF processor. The whole thing is just so poorly implemented.


Sorry, went on a bit of a rant then, didn't I?

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Thanks Russell. I suppose I might have to switch to a different program, which is a shame. I'm surprised Nikon haven't provided some sort of answer as it is clear from several problems that this is a widespread problem. I'd have thought they'd care more about their software reputation.

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the problem was with the size of the preview cache. Google maybe for Nikon ViewNx2 preview cache. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the program myself anymore.



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