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Meanwhile, it appears that for those of us who don't have access to the new system, Manage Images has nonetheless changed in the way that it handles spaces and punctuation. I keyword in Photoshop prior to uploading and have no idea how it treats other methods. There's probably no point in modifying what I do until the new system becomes generally available.


That's just the thing that I've found confusing about many of the threads... from what I've seen, it''s made absolutely no difference. Maybe because I use commas and nothing else, I've been lucky. 

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If I use commas followed by spaces, Photoshop converts them to semicolons and the system converts them back into commas but discards the spaces. It appears to me that this causes some confusion to the search, so I put the spaces back in.


If I put in keywords with spaces only, no commas, the system adds one comma to the end of the string and duplicates it. I'm happy to do whatever it is that I'm supposed to do; the catch is figuring out what that is.


It appears that the right thing is to use commas or semicolons between words and phrases without quotation marks, and then add spaces back in when it comes to Manage Images.

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However putting the phrase in quotes in the search box improves it even more.


  Yes , because you  are then •searching* just for that exact phrase in the exact word order. Fewer images will be returned....


It has always worked that way



apples and pears - 4360

"apples and pears" - 887


pears and apples - 4360

"pears and apples" 301



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