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Hello from Nottingham


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Hi, just signed up to Alamy having heard a lot about it from other photographers. I am essentially a sports photographer but also enjoy events and wildlife.

Now deciding the 4 images to send for initial QC test. Probably a mix of sport and wildlife

Any hints and tips always welcome!

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Welcome to th forum


Your initial submission needs to be technically perfect. The subject matter is immaterial.


Make sure the images are at least 6MP, in focus, with no CA, and no dust spots. I'd suggest something that wasn't moving to begin, like doors, walls, windows. All taken at a high shutter speed.


Good luck.



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Since this is the only time all of your images will be checked some people suggest pushing the envelop a bit to see how much is acceptable in the way of motion blur, etc. I think the general rule on that is that it has to be obvious in the thumbnail so the buyer knows what they are getting. Anyway, you don't have to worry about subject matter.



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