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When the uploader was first introduced, I gave good feedback but NONE of it was incorporated. Many years later, I see it hasn't been improved one iota.


1. It still blankets my screen when I launch it (I do NOT want it to do so. If I want that, I know where the button is on my browser!). First rule of good GUI design: do NOT move the user's furniture.


2. For every image, I have to make 4 unnecessary clicks. I do NOT include property releases. I do NOT include models releases. All my images are photos. None of my images are digitally altered (well, not that so would know without hiring a forensic expert).


Now, any fool will tell you when there are lots of choices, what's needed is a preset that user can create, select and leave in the on state. So why isn't there one?


Instead of making contributors fill two boxes with keywords, why not find a better system for finding them automatically? It's an utter waste of time given so many technologies exist to sort the chaff from the wheat.

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