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  1. My comment wasn't about a specific image but more general based on my experience. If an image is published and credited, as was mine, hence why it was discovered, and not paid, it's an infringement by any name.
  2. Alamy's stock answer is they have staff who look for infringements. I cannot see how 5--10 can outperform, say, 35,000 active photographers out of 70,000 if only they had one tiny bit of information: publisher: Daily Mail, the Telegraph, the Sun, etc; licence: DDMMYY. If this area was addressed, it would boost income for both parties, and put infringers on notice (i.e., by Alamy taking the infringer to court and if that's not legally possible, then setting up a fund that the photographer can apply to use). While the commission is still one of the best, the dive in prices from £250
  3. When I joined Alamy way back, I asked Alamy to publish the buyer in My Alamy. That way, when a sale is made, I can look out for the newspaper, book or website. I was told it was to stop photographers asking for tear sheets. Well, Alamy could easily put a provisor in your contract that would stop you pestering a publisher. The anonymous buying gives licence to the buyer to infringe copyright. I know of at least one incident in which the publisher, the Daily Mail, published one of my images without paying. I brought it to Alamy's attention, who invoiced the Daily Mail, who paid. No p
  4. Alamy set a precedence when it previously reduced the commission in order to fund its USA office. There was similar outrage then. Majority of us didn't benefit one cent! I doubt if Alamy will change its mind. More likely, in a few years time it will drop the commission yet again. Shangara.
  5. Was a time when an image commanded a decent price. Sadly, with the price race to the bottom, that's history. Reducing commission will have minimal affect. I stopped uploading a while back because the return on investment in time and equipment wasn't worth it anymore. Here is a typical sale: Country: Worldwide Usage: Commercial electronic Media: Website, app and social media Industry sector: Entertainment & Leisure Image Size: Any size Start: 01 September 2018 End: 01 September 2023 Single placement and design, duration in perp
  6. When the uploader was first introduced, I gave good feedback but NONE of it was incorporated. Many years later, I see it hasn't been improved one iota. 1. It still blankets my screen when I launch it (I do NOT want it to do so. If I want that, I know where the button is on my browser!). First rule of good GUI design: do NOT move the user's furniture. 2. For every image, I have to make 4 unnecessary clicks. I do NOT include property releases. I do NOT include models releases. All my images are photos. None of my images are digitally altered (well, not that so would know without hiring a
  7. Hello, Used to submit regularly years ago, but then lost heart, so stopped. Tried uploading via Safari and got 'file not found errors.' Files were there alongside the others that were successfully uploaded. Tried FTP, got same errors. Contacted Alamy via the new contributor email address and came up against someone who admitted they weren't technicians but then wasted an enormous amount of my time trying to convince me problem was with my FTP client, so I should contact the developer. He asked for screenshots of the error message but then couldn't read was in them! Said, "It still look
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