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Any of you mess around with your photos artistically?

Back when I first started doing that, I bought an easy to use software from LucisPro. It's got a couple of sliders to mess with, but I mainly used the bottom one for a watercolor effect.

I bought the software for under $100. When I switched from PC to Mac, it wasn't compatible, and at the time, a Mac version was unavailable.

I've remained on the mailing list, though, but didn't buy it because the price was too high when the Mac version became available.

Then I received notice this piece of software, Mac and PC compatible, will be discontinued as of Sept. 1st. No support. Until then, it can be bought for $6.00. It's a stand alone for Mac, but can be used with PS for PCs. With Mac, you open the software, navigate to your image and open it.

I jumped on the sale. What the heck, 6 bucks?? I know I've sold at least one, probably more, on my POD site developed with it.

I never needed support before, and I messed with it yesterday and it works great.

Here's the link.



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Thanks Betty.  I'm just getting into doing more artistic stuff and plan to work on that over winter here on the farm. Not much else to do. For $6, you can't go wrong.



You'll have fun playing around with it. The first time I had it, it took forever for an image to render. Enough time to walk to the kitchen, get a soft drink and come back. And that was with a fast gaming PC. Much faster now. Don't know if it's the Mac or something else.

I found it works nicely with farms, old barns, landscapes and some florals.

I need to find an old rusted tractor and see if it works on something like that.


I'm busy now trying to prepare my latest uploads for sale, so that will have to wait. Alamy calls, lol.

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Thanks Betty - checked out their site and it looks like it could be great for POD sites as well as for bringing out detail in stock images. Hard to believe a software that used to cost over $500 is now $6! 

Certainly worth trying at that price! 

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Hope you find it useful, Marianne!   :)



Tried it today - did some fun stuff for the fine art sites. Thinking it might be good for some blurred backgrounds for Alamy too. Thanks for the heads up! I like the mood it creates. 

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