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Sales coming in two by two

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Two different images, two double sales for the same amounts.


Not, I hope, sufficiently remunerative to be textbook sales, awaiting refunds......


Anyone else seen this today?


Edit - not as it first appeared, please see below 

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 I had a twin sale yesterday -- i.e. the same image licensed twice. The second amount was one-half the first. So far no refund, keeping my fingers crossed


Had one of those last month John, fortunately it was the smaller of the two amounts that was refunded about 4 days later. Hope you go refund free.


I've also had this happen with a textbook sale, when both licences were valid. Someone, could have been Pearl, told me that it was for student and tutor versions of the same text.


Back to the original post. My error, they are in fact separate sales. The titles are the same but the code numbers are different, my natural pessimism had me assuming the worst.


Time for wild celebration, two distributor sales grossing  $4.34 each. 


The other two were rather more respectable.

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