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Setting Up Template For Faster Image Management Workflow

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Howdy.  I'm new to Alamy and looking for ways to maximize my efficiency.  I currently add Title, Caption, and Keywords in Lightroom before my initial upload to Alamy.  All the info seems to transfer with no issues.  But, the keywords end up in the "Comprehensive Keywords" section and I have to cut, copy, and paste to the different keyword sections within the image management tool.  Is there a way for my Essential Keywords to upload into this section from Lightroom?  How about all the other clicks I have to make for each individual image in the attributes section.  Such as "# of people", "property release needed", "what is this image?", "digitally altered", "license type"?  Is there a way to set these for all future images and save as a template?  Each of these clicks take an enormous amount of time and they are always the same for my images.  Essentially, in a perfect world, I could set a template for all these and not have to make these clicks for each individual image.


Thanks for your feedback!


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I use Elements and have the same problem of fields not matching.  I presume Alamy Picture Manager doesn't work with Elements?


If I have a large number of images to keyword in Image Management I drag them all to the bottom and set all fields that are the same for the batch.  ie. Month and year / digitally altered/ pseudonym / etc.  


Not perfect but it does speed things up when I start to work on them individually.

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