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Hello from New England!!!

Jake Baynes

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Welcome Jake to the Alamy family and I hope you enjoy your experience with us. For hints, tips and some serious advice from contributors more experienced than I, take a look through older topics in the forum. There is an abundance of advice to help new contributors in their quest.

Kind Regards,


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Welcome Jake. As far as general tips hints etc I would echo Davey above. However if you really get stuck with a technical point and cannot find it in the forum search then post your query in the appropriate section and others will be pleased to help.



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Welcome to Alamy, Jake. You asked for tips on selling stock on Alamy. Here are a few:


1.) Look at a lot of other contributors' collections. You do that by clicking on the blue number next to the word 'images' under the ID info.

2.) Read everything Alamy says about submitting images -- twice. http://www.alamy.com/contributor/

3.) Understand that Alamy is a professional stock agency. The regulars who do well here are in it for the long game. Normally, you have to have a lot of images on Alamy before you begin to make sales.


Good luck.

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