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The way i understood these sales when first introduced was that it would involve getting repeat sales from the same companies. It was explained that say a company downloads a photo under IQ agreement and its used for a presentation its held on their IQ "database" . Then someone from accounts wants to use it as they see it on their "database". The click on it for further use and it registers as a sale for us but at a lesser price .


That sounded fine at the time but I am seeing more and more IQ licences with multiple use in the licence so the above original idea of the scheme goes out of the window.

I may not be bang on with how the further uses registered for that next sale but you get the general idea.


I am assuming that IQ customers got discounts for using this scheme but now they are multiple uses over say 5 years its just become another discount scheme for buyers with no benefit to the photographer (which was the original idea when explained to us by alamy for repeat sales)


What do you think and have I read the situation correctly. If so its another drive down in our income


ALAMY, I stand to be corrected if you wish to comment but I think I have got it right



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I don't think that iQ was ever anything specifically relating to a particular type of license (presentation or otherwise).  To my mind, it was most certainly introduced in the main for the customer's benefit, with the (hopefully) added benefit that a happy customer using a system which eased their lives would license here more often.  I think that there may be some merit in that argument.


The increased multiple use licenses seems to me something that is happening across the board, not restricted to iQ sales.  Many have complained about the blurring of lines when it comes to definitions of RM versus RF.


As regards pricing, I have to say that - compared with some returns (notably the recent upswing in 'personal' and 'presentation' usages :angry: ) - I have only rarely been unhappy with the iQ pricing.  My personal experience is of a likely gross average of ~$50 (between around $25 and $105).


Alamy iQ

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