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What is "exclusive to Alamy" ? I have often wondered.


Many of my images are exclusive to Alamy (apart from my own website that is) and I don't upload to other agencies anymore. BUT what are the advantages of me submitting them as "exclusive to Alamy" ? I figure if I submit as exclusive then I take away my ability, in the future, to offer them by other means. Are there any advantages to an image being "exclusive to Alamy" over other images?

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It seems to me it is a way to tell the customer he shouldnt bother looking for it somewhere else.

Its also better if your image is unathorizedly copied to prove the thief didnt pay fir it

Other than that, I dont know



That's unless it was copied from somewhere such as a website where it had been paid for, rather than taken from Alamy. That's where most my infringements appear to have come from.





That's true for me too but from discussions with exclusive libraries they are usually more willing to pursue infringements knowing it was from them, or their client.

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Exclusive to Alamy may be understood in two ways.


1) The old-fashioned RM-E licence type that I would never select as it offers no advantages, only disadvantages. If a customer would like one of your RM images exclusively, Alamy will contact you in this respect.


2) When you report an infringement to Alamy you will have to fill-in a form nowadays. In this one of the questions to answer is: "Is this image exclusive to Alamy?" - meaning are you selling this image elsewhere. If you do, I don't think Alamy  would be eager to pursue the infringement.



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