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Prepositions in keywording

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I was wondering what people do with prepositions and linking words.. words like 'on', 'and', 'in'.


I was eating my breakfast this morning which happened to be marmalade and butter on toast. And I found myself wondering how many people had pictures of such a breakfast on Alamy. As I had my computer at hand, I thought I'd have a look. But in doing so, I realised that I got different results if I searched for 'butter and marmalade on toast' compared with if I searched for 'butter marmalade toast'. 



But I was wondering what other people do..  make sure they're in the caption? Add them to the 'comprehensive words' section?


Edit: Correcting bad English

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Try it. "And" is ignored- beans and toast returns the same number of results as beans toast. On and In are not ignored, so if it's important, leave them in.

If a phrase including them is relevant, put it in quotes.

Back on this old chestnut but I think that you don't separate them with commas, rather than add quotes e.g. white bread,butter,beans on toast,

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