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Question about intellectual property

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Hi there,

I'm new to Alamy and stock photography. 

I was just wondering if Alamy owns your photos once you upload them? In other words, do they have the intellectual property rights?

If they do, does this mean that I can't sell the photos myself to people directly? For example, by having my own website or in a studio etc. Does only Alamy reserve the right to sell my photos? Also, if Alamy does own the photos, am I allowed to upload them on other stock photo sites?
Grateful for clarification please!!


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No, Alamy does not own the intellectual property rights to your images. Yo always own the rights. Alamy is not an exclusive agency so you are free to sell your images yourself via website or even another agency.


Some agencies ask for exclusive rights to sell your images. This means you cannot sell them via any other venue when they are listed with their agency. You usually get more money for exclusive, but it can limit your income. Unless you have a very specialized portfolio, I don't think exclusive would be to your benefit.


Hope this helps,



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Apologies if this sounds a bit blunt but - have you not read the terms and conditions that you have signed up to.... ?


Paragraph 1.3.6 - Supply your Images on a non exclusive basis and may therefore sell your Images in any other way you wish as long as you comply with the terms of this contract.


So, go ahead and do whatever you like with your photographs - as we say up north (of England), fill yer boots.


Good luck...!

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