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Finally I got some sympathy and started cashing the green votes CAAAATCHIIIIIIIIIING! :)


Just kidding. As I said I don't care about votes. I like to discuss ideas, and votes simply deny that as many people instead of speaking their minds use them not adding anything useful for the debate.




Returning to the topic, some subjects are simply too saturated and unless we get a fabulous and absolutely unique image, it will be hard to license it. But even in this situation you'll have to manage to get the image seen which is not an easy task especially on alamy.


Subjects like the St. Peters Basilica, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty or even the Belem tower in Lisbon are very tough subjects. In terms of travel unless you go to relatively unknown, or hard to go places like the Himalayas summits you'll always suffer the competition of flickr and micros since many now accept these images as Editorial RF.

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Jose, you can only see these, but I do have all the relative keyword variations in my keywords. We might disagree with the order I've listed them in, but in both cases we would be guessing. "st peters basilica" would remain in first place. The piazza may be the buyer's main interest, but that of course is covered because it is also "st peters." 


Thanks for your interest, Jose and everyone. I won't be posting in this thread anymore.



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Alex, I never put in commas . . . the system adds commas as they do on yours and everyone's images. And I have "saint" in all those "peter" images, you just can't see them from the buyer/visitor view. 




Ah sorry, I thought you had taken the line from your essentials.

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