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How to choose the RM and RF

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Have a few question consulting predecessors:

I am a newcomer from China,Amateur photographer.At present, all the photos I choose is RM - E, also don't know right or wrong?Up to now,Any picture is no one to buy!

Predecessors, please help me to see what the problem is in the place!

one:The photo quality is bad?

two:Is not a market need?

three:License types chosen the wrong?How to choose the RM and RF ?Which photos to choose RF?Which photos to choose RM-E?

Hope to get everybody's help, upload the photos take up a lot of my spare time!


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I like your photos!


RM / RM-E / RF ... ignoring property and model releases, this tends to come down to a personal thing. Different people have different opinions.


You only have 236 pictures uploaded and as is mentioned in this thread: http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/4780-is-it-possible-to-win-at-the-alamy-game/?hl=winning#entry80232 , to make regular sales, you need to have uploaded 1000s of images (I have the same problem).


What you might look at is your keywords. For example this image:



your keywords are:




A lot of these keywords simply aren't relevant. I guess English isn't your first language and I applaud you on how good your written English is.. but to get sales, you would still need relevant keywords.

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