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  1. Consulting predecessors: 1,What kind of image to sell more than $1000 price? 2,you sell the images of the highest how much is the price?
  2. Photographers from China, posted 300 photographs, income is zero, what time is the first income coming?
  3. Have a few question consulting predecessors: I am a newcomer from China,Amateur photographer.At present, all the photos I choose is RM - E, also don't know right or wrong?Up to now,Any picture is no one to buy! Predecessors, please help me to see what the problem is in the place! one:The photo quality is bad? two:Is not a market need? three:License types chosen the wrong?How to choose the RM and RF ?Which photos to choose RF?Which photos to choose RM-E? Hope to get everybody's help, upload the photos take up a lot of my spare time!
  4. Thank you all! Have a question consulting predecessors: At present, all the photos I choose is RM - E, also don't know right or wrong?In order to improve our income,How to choose the RM and RM - E ?
  5. Hello everyone! consulting predecessors: How many photos posted?You just won the first revenue?
  6. Novice consulting predecessors a problem: In order to improve our income,How to choose the RM and RM - E ?
  7. Thank you all. For my second question, I would also like to listen to the opinions of the photographer more!
  8. hello everyone! The new photographer ask two questions: 1, The latest upload more than 10 photo, only five appear in" Waiting QC", where is the rest of the photos? 2,How to determine the type of photos?RM,RM-E,RF?
  9. Problem solved!Mr Russel,Thank you very much! Press the "next image" button, as long as the file name is changed, can edit pictures!
  10. My latest findings: According to Mr Russell: "If that doesn't work I click the nearest image that does pop up and use "next image" "previous image" as appropriate to move to the image I want to edit." According to Mr Russell the provided method,discover Edit "keywords" window, photo image did not change, but picture filename does change for one picture!Can go to the edit?
  11. problems still exist! I have uploaded photos 3 batches, all by passed QC.But there are a few pictures cannot edit every batch.There are 5 photo can't editor, double-click can't edit popup Windows!Can you help me?thank you!
  12. Today I uploaded more than 10 photo.But waiting for QC form, has only three photo, where is the rest of the photos?Who can tell me why?
  13. The mood is very depressed, all methods can't solve this problem!But, still thanks to Russell!
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