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Search catagories: New, Creative, Relevent ?

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Early on when they started that category you could ask them and they would look at your images and (maybe) pick some. Then others seemed to come along in mysterious ways. I don't think there is any way to ask them for it anymore. I have never been quite sure why my "creative" images made the grade. They wouldn't be my choice. I don't know if they are still adding images.



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Hmmm...when I do a search and select "Creative", and it's a search that apparently does have some Creative images (the initial images are different when I select Creative vs. Relevant), I no longer see the break for "End of Creative--now showing Relevant" (or whatever exactly it said).


Maybe that break function disappeared when they went to the new style of thumbnails.


As it works now, it makes it appear that ALL images for your search terms are in "Creative" (or "Relevant", whichever you select). (Actually, I'm OK with that ;)  )


Would be nice to hear from Alamy about this.

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