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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everybody. I found that some photographers sold nice Photo montage ( Photo with collages). And I’d like to sell photo montage, too. Can you give me some advice for photo montage? I also have questions about it like the following: -Do I have to think about a copy space? -Are there some very important keywords? ( like “photo montage” “ collage “ “imaginary “ “ Imagination “?) -Should It be story telling or some kind of surprising photo like surrealism? -Can I make them a little bit transparent or shouldn’t? (It looks nice in my opinion) Have a nice sunday 😺
  2. Hi, As a relative newcomer to the forum I was just wondering if there had been any discussion or thoughts about wikimedia commons. I had a discussion with a lady a while ago who thought that it was a brilliant idea to be able to put you r images onto the internet, and the anyone could use them free of charge! Needless to say I had to bite my tongue. I suppose it's inevitable that these free images will be used by picture editors, but hopefully they won't detract too much from all of our incomes.
  3. Just curious, How do your photos qualify for creative? Does someone decide this or do I have to let it be known?
  4. I almost posted this in the thread about a long-time contributor talking about a couple of fails. That would have been a digression and a hijack. Caught myself, slapped my hand. So here it is, below. I also have understood the "why" of most of my fails. You note the word "most." The reason being, if you take a picture of your big toe, and it meets all the criteria for sharpness, no CA, no dust bunnies or noise, etc., you are good to go. Not that it will ever have a market. But if you dare step off the path of reality..after all, that unvarnished toe is real, you are in trouble. Let's leave the you out of it, I'm in trouble. I am a creative person, and once in a while I come up with a good idea. One where I take a photo and do creative things to it. No, no, not POD wall art, but something that could be used for advertising or products. My most recent fail was a floral, sharp, but I took an expensive software and went creative with it. I've seen images like this used on tissue boxes, or school folders, you get the picture. Artistic work that could have a market but one needs to throw the usual QC criteria out of the window. Some of these works are deliberately made soft, and are a beautiful blend of color but the subject, ie flowers, are still identifiable. Keyworded "background" QC cannot, or won't see the potential in these kinds of images. By golly, if it's not sharp, it fails, or it fails for too much manipulation or something similar. So while I think QC does a good job most of the time, I wish they would develop a creative section so that when these creative images come in, they would be kicked to someone who has a creative background and a dose of imagination to evaluate. The other image, also creative, I added a two-toned wash of color to the BG and added grain. The image gave off a Victorian feel to it. I actually "saw" this image in a glossy, in my mind. Oh, well. That one failed for noise. Darn that added grain. And no, I won't post them. They should be judged only by another Creative. I love Alamy. I just think they need to expand a narrow way of thinking. This has to start at the top. I think Alamy could make some money from these kinds of images. Yes, I know you are thinking Stockimo. Sure. But why not taken with a higher end camera, developed with higher end software, and offered in the regular collection? Or...a wild and crazy idea, let these images be in ....drumroll...Creative! Oh, boy, that would thrill me to no end. Does this classify as a rant? Betty
  5. Some thoughts about classic and creative cinematography from our Director of Photography. Read more...
  6. Hi, Does anyone know what's the criteria Alamy uses to classify images under the Creative category in oppose to the Relevancy one? Is it controlled by the search engine or is it a decision made by editors in Alamy? Thanks, Gabriel Rif
  7. Hi, I started contributing last year and am about to start going through my hard drive pictures now to increase my portfolio, but I feel that I should be looking for more or less straight from camera shots (check focus, correct exposure and fix chromatic aberration only) rather than shots which have been given some punch. Am I right in thinking that I really shouldn't mess with my pictures before submitting? I like the (creative) results I put on Flckr for pleasure, but wouldn't dare put them on Alamy at full size for fear of rejection. Could some one flick (no pun intended) through my snaps here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/42701751@N03/ ... then have a look on my Alamy (Mick Flynn) and make any suggestions as to what I should do when uploading to Alamy.
  8. HI Guys, I have been with Alamy nearly five, may be seven years and boy how things have changed. I have tried to have a selection of images considered for the "creative" part of the site but without sucess. Am I missing out? Is there a better return etc. within the creative bubble! I would never claim to be Gods gift to stock photography but I don't consider many of the other images in the "creative" department to be that special either. Lots and lots are lovely(!) just not all. I want to join your gang! All best to you all, Happy shooting, Joe Fairs Suffolk.UK.
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