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PC monitor for my macbook


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Hi guys,

I would like to buy a 27 or more inch monitor and connect to my macbook (2014 retina display model). As I don't want to invest (or waist) too much money into an Apple monitor, I was wondering if I can get a top quality PC monitor and connect to my macbook. Does it work? If so, any suggestion about a great quality monitor?




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Any monitor will work with your MacBook Pro and there are various ways of connecting (mini-display port  adaptor with DVI or VGA, HD cable).


The big question is how much do you want to or can you spend? Eizo monitors are among the very best (top of the range are self-calibrating and a very large colour space) but could set you back nearly as much as you paid for the Mac. Or you can get a 27 inch basic monitor for 150 euro.


I recently got a 27inch BenQ for about 160 euro for when I'm travelling with a car as my 13 inch MacBook Pro retina screen is too small for my eyes. It's fine for general judgement of sharpness etc but it is very dependent on angle of view and it washes out in the highlights particularly even though I have set it to its darkest possible setting (that is when the raw histogram becomes essential). But a lot of the Apple monitors are too bright also (or so they say)

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This is where you want to look for reviews: tftcentral

And if you can read some German: Prad

For photography you are looking for a monitor with an IPS panel or it's equivalent like AU Optronics: AHVA; Samsung: PLS; Sharp: IGZO.


The higher-end Dell Supersharp monitors are not as good as Eizo's or Nec's, but neither are Apple's. The panels inside the Supersharps usually are the same as their Apple counterparts, just with an anti-glare surface instead of the Apple hi gloss.



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