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Cheers fellas and thanks from me!

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Too busy to continue here Im afraid. My port is gone and I am gone. Feel I have to gather all RMs and RFs in one place. Alamy has been great! its a tough business and agency/contributor can only do its best.

Thanks for any help I got some years back when first joining. :)

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Sorry to see you go Christian.


I like your work. You make substantial use of composites to produce industrial concept images. I've started but I'm still a minnow in that field. Your work has inspired me. It goes back to the old adage: a good photographer doesn't just take a good image he or she makes a good image. And there are many ways to do that, composites are but one means that I find interesting.


Any final advice on that aspect of your work would be welcome here I'm sure.


All the best for the future.



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Still can see the portfolio, but it does take 180 days for it to be gone, no? 


Good luck Chris with your future endeavors. I guess you will be pulling from SS as well. 



No theres no reason to pull from SS, its micro!.  The reason I am pulling here is to gather all my RM/RF in one single agency and I have to go with, you know which one and thats simply because my type of images sell 100 times more then here. Alamy is for editorials.


I much rather produce lets say 50 high quality high-end images per month then just for the sake of it upload 1000 per month and its all crap.


Alamy is a good agency, like it. My decision have got nothing to do with any differences, etc. Its purely a business decision.

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