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Advice. Death - Upload or not?

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Ever-growing crime and competition between immigrant ruled gangs resulted with yet another BANG.

Nothing new in Gothenburg, Sweden. Only deference is that I happened to be there.  200 m in front of my car - BANG! Awaited  for the car parts to stop showering from above and assuming that anything that could explode already exploded. Went to the car of, now unrecognisable make, the roof blown away. Passengers, what was left, beyond any help. Some other people come too. So I decided to take some snaps.

In the images there are some visible corpses. There is editorial potential in images but I didn't find anything like at Alamy.  Am not willing to fail QC (for the unsuitable content) Will be grateful for any advice.

And now OT but on "f8 and be there". Swedish mainstream media of this days is a real and heavy left propaganda; but state oposit, just like SSSR. I will not sell them anything for whatever they pay. Anyway, I had other things to do first and I have a stone age camera that I can't send  images from it. 3 hours later contacted the paper that I used to contribute, and only paper that I could think of contributing now, and said that I have high resolution images... The guy on the other side: "Oh we have so many already. Kind people are sending all the time..."

Well I am happy to have now a "decent" job as well ;)

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You should probably have sent any images that would pass your own ethical judgement (important) to the Alamy News desk. You have 48 hours to do so, but best as quickly as possible.

That was friday pm, Niels. So it is stock now.

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