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  1. Philippe had one of those too. Allan Me too Wow $ 0.64 in pocket. Getting rich! 0.64
  2. Ever-growing crime and competition between immigrant ruled gangs resulted with yet another BANG. Nothing new in Gothenburg, Sweden. Only deference is that I happened to be there. 200 m in front of my car - BANG! Awaited for the car parts to stop showering from above and assuming that anything that could explode already exploded. Went to the car of, now unrecognisable make, the roof blown away. Passengers, what was left, beyond any help. Some other people come too. So I decided to take some snaps. In the images there are some visible corpses. There is editorial potential in images but I did
  3. He quoted 375 EUR fixed and if court would had to be involved then - well, all over again and X multiplied. Not up front but he send the invoice afterwards. Hes job proved to be just to send them a couple of emails and one registered letter. And I had to tel him what to write in the letters The infringer was the biggest daily "Delo". I did mistake and send them too soft invoice in the first. Then started the usual: "We'll give you a byline". I refereed back to the invoice. They give their proposal. I referred to the invoice again. After that they decided to ignore me. But it ended well -
  4. I have had some C issues in Slo. that I needed an attorney to help me with. I we looked around but could find his official I-page nowhere. Seams that he is not in that kind of play anymore. Anyway, it proved that he was not as skilled on the mater as I expected. Maybe you would find this useful : http://www.kpp.si/legal-practice-areas/intellectual-property/ Good luck Ladi
  5. Not as warm as July. Occasionally windy but some opportunities for fishing anyway. Frees-box filed with mackerel and cod . 6 sales that grossed up much less then one average sale for 6 years ago. And, well, this 6 sales would hardly buy me 6 mackerels
  6. I whish you best of luck. The cheapest I found he works for a sushi plate, But he is generous though; he shares it with me and let me have all but fish
  7. On the other tread losdemas, on 17 Jun 2014 - 11:53 PM, said: When you see a gold rush, stop digging and sell shovels. It is so appropriate I could not help it.... And BTW why is someone ticking me red buttons ? Alamy? Or it is because my crap English? Spelling? It is amusing anyway, go on and let's have a good time Cheers Ladi
  8. My experience about QC, yes I have too much of it, would not fully support Ann’s theory. But back to the topic: My graph shows a very steep line upwards from 2003 – 2008. Almost horizontal to 2011. And now it is diving trough the floor. Because of inactivity? Oh well, I had a peak last year too, due to I sold all my gear It was my best photobiz of the year That way, from the part time tog I become full time hobbyist. But I know too many more exiting hobbies = photo inactivity. Since early 80es I have been leaving and coming back to the photobiz. It was paying the bills most of the ti
  9. You are welkom to submit your hard work to bi sold for peanuts. But you are not suposed to...... Gosh, this too is going to be deletet.
  10. You got a greeeeen But they do some important work on how grass should be green and how much bananas should be crooked, and.... On the topic: is that why Alamy opend for iPhone ?
  11. Thats why I only get peanuts then! Regards Craig Yes! And worse is-you have to share them with rest of us But I did not get much of them this month. Rather some shells
  12. Short said, but well said. No competition should be underestimated! When stock took off the seasoned pros laughed at it. But, the drought in assignments started setting in very soon. Then RF was invented.... Then micros was invented.... and we all laughed about crappy content and quality.... Then "free" come along..... you can admit or not, but there are some great shots there. Next......?... just wait and see. As for now we have to share peanuts with monkeys Next......?
  13. I like the color and how it shifts through the depth of the pic. I would keep the pic, but not for the stock. Due to how we are paid, I find the best way when processing for A. if pic needs some more to be worked on... = DELETE! Not that I suggest. Its only one of steps in my own workflow.
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