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DSLR Slide Copying

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Get an 80 mm enlarger lens like a schneider and make a mount so you can fix it onto bellows onto the illumitran.


The unit came with bellows and a 75mm Rodenstock. The other end is a Nikon mount which is no good for me but I don't imagine it will be difficult to find a Canon adaptor. The flash appears to work so the only remaining issue is that the flash cable has an old-style pre-DSLR connector. I'm assuming it's possible to get an adaptor somewhere.




If you don't need it I would like the Nikon mount, as I use Nikons now &  have an Illumitran with a mount for a Rollie which I no longer own

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I recently acquired an old but minty Novoflex bellows with slide copying attachment and a Noflexar 105mm f/4 lens in an M39 mount. The Bavarians have a four-day weekend thanks to a religious holiday not observed up here in northern Germany, but when they get back on Monday, Novoflex is going to send me an adapter for Fuji X. I'm eager to try it and compare results with my Canon film scanner. I'm not sure about the focal length, but the Leica thread would make it easy to swap for an enlarging lens if necessary.


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