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  1. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    Many thanks for catching this one!
  2. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    Thanks for the spot, I wondered where this one was used!
  3. Have you found any Alamy images in January 2018?

    Thanks for the spot!
  4. DSLR Slide Copying

    The unit came with bellows and a 75mm Rodenstock. The other end is a Nikon mount which is no good for me but I don't imagine it will be difficult to find a Canon adaptor. The flash appears to work so the only remaining issue is that the flash cable has an old-style pre-DSLR connector. I'm assuming it's possible to get an adaptor somewhere. Alan If you don't need it I would like the Nikon mount, as I use Nikons now & have an Illumitran with a mount for a Rollie which I no longer own
  5. Have you found any Alamy images - May 2015

    Thanks for the spot!
  6. DACS advice please

    As I am in the process of doing this myself and found the same problem. I rang and spoke to them this morning and their advise was to enter "Alamy claim" in the validation boxes and back it up with a copy of your alamy sales history emailed to This is the procedure I'll follow but I think I'll also incorporate Richards solution.
  7. These fit the bill. I don't know how to male a lightbox so here you go. DB9KRA, DA0TB4, CYYWJK, D98EET, D8TDK7, D8TKYG, D8TR6B, D8TTJG, D8TWWT, CYYX40, CY2A9P, CX456B, CX233B, CREBNJ, CR9P2X, CR9P01, CR9NE3, CR5B50, CR5A3J, C099YJ DB9M2F, DA0TTR, D65AME, D98EMP, D8TGC6, D8TK07, D8TREE, D8TTTB, CYYWEG, CYYW7F, CY2A7Y, CX22TX,CWYHTX, CREBXW, CR9P54, CR9NX6, CR9ND3, CR9R2F, CR59KX, DA0R6K, DA0WE8, D98F97, D98EW3, D8THAF, D8TKFG, D8TRY6, D8TTY6, D65J8A, CY2ABB, CY2A7M, CX230N, CWYHKG, CRED0X, CR9P6C, CR9NR4, CR9N9N, CR5ARF, CR59FB DA0PB8, DA0WFX, D98E2B, D8TCP4, D8THEH, D8TPT4, D8TT17, D8TWFJ, D65T6W, CY2AA4,CY2A6H, CX22K, CWYHFR, CRED56, CREHXX, CR9NKN, CR9N80, CR5AY7, CNNHDY, DA0T93, DA0WGX,D98EB5, D8TD4D, D8THYR, D8TR1W, D8TTFH,D8TWRG, CYYWTJ, CY2A9X, CX4607, CWYM56, CWYHB2, CREHN4, CR9NMG, CR9NJT, CR9N6M, CR5A6P, CMN0AE + a few more waiting for me to keyword!
  8. Adobe RGB (1998) vs. ProPhoto RGB

    To retain the maximum data, and as it is not possible to recover data you have already thrown away. I process and save everything in ProPhoto and then export the file to the client / agency as per their stipulated requirements.
  9. I'm looking for a 2nd Camera - any advice?

    I use Nikons as my work horses but I ALWAYS carry an X Pro 1 with 18-35 & 55-200. I can't recommend it highly enough. I've found that I can carry it around comfortably in a small bag all day long, people don't take much notice whilst I'm shooting, the build quality is very good and the IQ is outstanding. I think if I was buying into the system now, I might buy the XE1 and save a few quid though as I rarely use the OVF.
  10. What to do on overcast days?

    2 followed by 5 if I can still stand up ;-)
  11. This is worrying

    Let's hope it doesn't catch on elsewhere! who on earth thinks this stuff up. I can't believe that they think this is a reasonable thing to bring in to the statute books, and what benefit can it possibly bring?
  12. This is worrying

    Also worrying and ridiculous is this proposed bill in Vermont.