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Good morning ALL


seeking advice on how to "cut through" DESERT HAZE  (Middle east)  affecting various raw files

that I wish to work on in Lightroom before sending in submission.


I haven't any experience on desert work preparation.


All advice would be gratefully accepted.





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Sorry folks...it is sand, dust haze I mean....not heat.


Space Cadet.....that is the area where I have problems, round to Oman & up suez..


Subjects are  mainly coast, shipping, warships, container ports


Any advice



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First increase the Clarity slider and evaluate what effect it has.  If more haze remains, then start to gently increase the contrast slider.  If the haze is primarily in the distance, rather than apply the contrast slider to the entire image, use the adjustment brush and apply the contrast just to those portions of the image where the haze is especially noticeable.


Let us know if that solves your problem.



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