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Slow payments

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Dear Alamy,


I have put this here under `workflow` or perhaps that should be cashflow !


I made one sale that showed up on 30 Nov 2014


That was 102 days ago. The sale was for $77


Although i see some invoices are paid within 30 days i cant understand why it can take some companies much longer. 102 days and counting in this case.


Why is this please ?


Many thanks







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Have you not been in business long?

There are slow payers in every industry. I'm still waiting on one to clear from August and I know that's not an Alamy record.

In fact most Alamy sales clear in 45 days, if Alamy itself has been paid, as per contract.

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This area of the forum is for quality control and technical questions. If you have any questions relating to payments it's always best to email memberservices@alamy.com.





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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