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I thought I knew the answer to this question but I got confused today:

If I sell my photo as Right Managed Exclusive do I have to delete that image for this period while license expires or not?

Same question also for only Rights Managed.

Please tell me where to look for this answer or tell me yoursef if you are familiar with this situation. 

Thanks in advance.


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I, also, am looking for an answer to this question, as well as general information about the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive RM license types.  I am surprised that no one helped you with this issue yet.  


A few of the specific questions I have:


If I have sold an image and it was published (not thru Alamy), am I able to offer an exclusive RM license for that image, if the sale & publication happened several years ago?  What about an image that was sold and published last year?  


What about images that are currently offered on other sites, but have not sold yet?  Can those images be offered here on Alamy as Exclusive RM, so long as I remove them from the other site(s).  


What if an image is offered on another site, but only as a fine art print (no licensing rights are being offered or sold), say, on a site like Fine Art America.  Can I offer that image here on Alamy as RM Exclusive?  



The information I have found on the subject is written in a manner that is over my head, and I have not been able to understand it.  It would be great if someone were able to explain these license types in regular, common, not-too-educated everyday english. 

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Hello everyone,


Sometimes a client wants to be the exclusive user of an image. He can request it to Alamy and Alamy will contact the contributor in the case of RM. When you set a photo RM-Exclusive it means that the client can buy the license exclusive without requesting.


As soon a client buys a exclusive license nobody else can dowload it for a given period. This doesnt count for license bought in the past by other clients. If you have the same image on other agencies you should directly remove them. I dont know if you are even allowed to have on other agencies the same image that is set on Alamy as RM exclusive since on some agencies it can be difficult to remove a image. So anyway it is better to have such image only on Alamy.

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The image can only be sold from Alamy - and they will keep the image unsold during the licenced period.


It seems very old fashioned to me and not attractive any longer as the price is only 20-30% more for an exclusive licence.

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