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Canon 5D I hope generates 22.3 Mega pixels image, which should be large enough even after cropping. Actually any image above 3 MP (as it shows in thumnails) should be large enough by Alamy standards. I have Canon 550D a 18 MP camera. One can always see uncompressed size by opening image-> size in Photoshop. Here are statistics of some of my images


image compressed (as it appears in thumbnail) in mega pixels       Quality                   Uncompressed size in mega pixels


7.45                                                                                        12                          51.3

4.14                                                                                        10                          51.3 

4.76                                                                                        11                          42.7

6.83                                                                                        12                          42.7

The ratio between compressed and uncompressed jpeg sizes also depends on the nature of the image. Lots of fine detail doesn't compress as much as flat skies etc. So your guideline cannot to be relied on. I think you've also confused MP and MB. Best rule is that you need more than about 6,000,000 pixels in your finished jpeg. For a 2:3 aspect ratio image, dimensions of 2000 x 3000 pixels or larger is fine. If you have any doubts, download the excellent Alamy SizeChecker from here.



<my emphasis in quotes above>


I think confusion over Megapixels and Megabytes is driving this thread further than it need go.



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