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Which Cellphone Camera Do You Feels is Best?

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With regards to Mobile Phone Cameras, How about the Sony Xperia Z3?


"The Sony Xperia Z3 was announced in September 2014 as the follow-up to the Z2. It features a 20.7 million pixel 1/2.3 inch EXMOR RS sensor with a 25mm (equivalent) G lens" - Camera Review


It is waterproof, can be submerged up to a metre depth for 30 minutes... so rain etc is no problem. It has a dedicated shutter release button as well, half press etc. Stick on this case and you have a nice rugged piece of protection that does not make the phone feel bulky. The phone comes with a decent screen protector.


Is it better than an iPhone? No idea, never used the latest iPhone but it does seem to be very capable.


Edit - 


Oh, and one of the main reasons I originally bought this camera (other than remote play on a PS4), it has the 1st TRUE 2 day battery in it that I've experienced. Previously I had the Samsung Note 2. This and most other phones I've had in the past I've had to root to get near this but this does it without switching stuff off. It also has a stamina option to make it last longer, although I've never felt the need to switch this on.

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I had a business landline,biz fax line in my company name and home landline for more than 30 years. Most of my biz dealings are by email,text and Facebook these days so in 2009 I cut off the fax first,followed by the business number.I feel if people want to find me,they will just google me.I do not have people off the street here anymore to discuss business,even though I'm in a somewhat safe secure highrise. I did at my previous locations but the world seems like a crazier place so I try and meet people over coffee in better places than Starbucks.


However my DSL is on my home line and how would I log on? My building has wifi in certain spots but it's not secure and I'd be worried someone could tap into what I am doing online.


I still get a lot of 'tele-pest' calls lately from that witch from 'Credit Card Services' and 'Donate Your Car.'


I just bought a lighter used iPad mini today and I'm selling my iPad 2. It's a bit heavy for me. I plan on getting the iPhone 6 128GB but hear rumblings of the iPhone 6S possibly out by the summer. I'm switching from AT&T to Verizon. I almost signed on at T-Mobile the other day but at the last minute backed out. I'm all too happy to hold off since it's not that busy right now.And another thing,if you live in the USA and are on retired and  on Medicare,medications,even generics have gone sky high as of 2015. I'm the caretaker for my mom since her accident and they just started charging for things that Medicare had always paid 100% for.



I think if you are a Mac user,staying with the iPhone is a good bet,especially if you use the Apple calendar,phone book and other things on your Mac. It I had a Samsung for 2 days a few years ago and didn't like it as it just didn't play well with my Mac.



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Linda, welcome to ObamaCare. My doctor told me several months ago that a lot of diagnostic tests he used to do for the old folks will no longer be covered. As of now.

Once you hit a certain age, you are dispensable. In this day and age when people are living to ripe old ages while taking care of health problems, that is unacceptable. We don't need to throw our seniors on the rubbish pile.

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