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Holiday or news reporter?

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Been fortuitous last weekend being at the right place at the right time in Hong Kong, on holiday.


I have another unplanned day this Sat night/ Sunday.


Have to decide if I should spend it in the protest areas or not. Questions I need answer to.

- How long does news sales appear on account?

- How much can I expect?

- Anyone found any of my images being used?


Thanks, Simon.

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You should do exactly in your holidays what you won't regret later on.


Should you take any safety risks into account?


Your news images will be in the news section for 48 hours and then transferred to your normal Alamy stock photos. My news images (Denmark) have never sold during these 48 hours, but many have made good sales much later. Hong Kong will probably be more interesting to UK media.


If you take many photos you could consider another outlet for some of them.


Just my humble 10 p.



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They will have be a lot of competition so ypou will need to get them up fast and have a story. Apart from the world's press there will be all those cameras that live in HK, many will be involved and know the protestors.


As already said, do what you won't regret. Take them for your own satisfaction (so you can say "I was there") and if they sell that is a bonus; you are on holiday after all.

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You've taken some good images so far.



Sales appear when they are reported to Alamy.  Could be a week, could be a month, could be three months....or your images may not have been used.


You can expect to get paid based on how the image was used.  Web use is much less than if it hits the front page of a published paper.


You can look for your images by going to Google and entering EXACTLY this phrase including the quotes:


"SCW Lee/Alamy Live News"

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