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Creating time lapse videos - how do you avoid pillarbox effect?

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Evening all


Can anyone tell me how to create a time lapse video while avoiding pillarboxing on the end result?


Been scratching my head and can't fathom out what it is that I need to do.


The original images are taken in camera and exported to JPEGs. The normal crop factor of 3x2 is there.


Have been using Sony Vegas to import and render them. 


Where am I going wrong on this?





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Do you have your aspect ratio in Sony Vegas set to match your shots. If you have done any cropping so all shots are not the same size, you will get the pillarbox affect. Play with the aspect ratio an see what happens. I have only used Premiere, so not familiar with Sony Vegas, although my son is, so maybe I'll ask him as he has done time lapse photography.



Edited to add: Son says same as me. Be sure your aspect ratio in Vegas is set to 16:9, the same as your camera. As long as no shots are cropped, you should stay full screen.



He also says to be sure you set it to Standard Definition which would be NTSC Standard.



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It is possible that this pillar-boxing is caused by using 3:2 ratio images on a Vegas timeline that may be pre-set as 16:9?  Whenever time-lapsing I always shoot in 16:9 or crop to that ratio in ACR before exporting the jpegs and compiling the timeline.

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