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Event in London

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August 12 is World Elephant Day and there will be an event in London. I can't go, alas, so I thought I'd pass the word.




Love Brand & Co is having a photography exhibit. I didn't know about this ahead of time. I just got an email about it. There isn't anything in the announcement about the opening (Aug 11) but perhaps you could check if you are interested.



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We have our own elephant day every year in this part of Wales to commemorate the death of a circus elephant, known locally as 'Jwmbi'. He took ill and died when a circus came to Tregaron in 1848 and is buried at the back of the pub. A film for TV has just been made about it. There is a parade over the hills following the route the circus parade took, finishing at the pub where everyone toasts Jwmbi.  Then they carry on toasting Jwmbi until they all fall over or the pub runs dry whichever comes first! 

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Croeso! Brush up your Welsh. Tregaron has always been a wild, drinking town since the days of the drovers. Several drovers roads over the mountains meet there. I'd show you photographs of the event but I'm too pi**ed to focus. I leave the photography to those with nothing better to do! 

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