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No Noise wit My French Beans, Waiter

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I have submitted many food shots with only the front edge sharp, with no problems.  Here is one.  You can search:  Betty LaRue,pie    and pick out some more with shallow DOF.  OOPS, this link gives all of the pies.  OK, look at the whole cherry pie with a piece missing, showing the cherries.




B3NCEJ sold for $700 for packaging.


Ed, I don't want to insult your camera, but is it true that these last two failures came from RX10 images?  Most of my failures came from shots taken with the D7000.  Or...heck, that just may have been the time frame when Alamy begin being so picky.





YUM! YUM! I fancy one of your pies Betty. Even the pictures look good enough to eat. :)




PS: Can you send one of your pies with file enclosed so Ed and I can hack our way out of clink.



Oh, Allen, I do believe I can bake it right there, because I think I'm sitting in the corner at the other end wiping tears from my cheeks.  Where's the kitchen again? It's so dark in here.


My daughter's birthday was the 23rd of July. She came up to OKC and instead of requesting I bake her a cake, she specifically asked for a custard pie.  We both love them but our husbands don't, so I seldom bake them and neither does she.  Between the two of us, we polished off the pie in two sittings.  Custard is very light...I could never do that with one of the others. 1/4 a pie each at 10:30 a.m.,  went shopping and worked up an appetite, came home and ate the other half.  :D   And no, I had not gained an ounce when I weighed the next day.  Whew, shopping burns a lot of calories.



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Yum Yum Yum! Those pies look as if they taste sooo good, the most important thing with food images. Cakes and pies lend themselves to the shallow DoF style, which was all the rage in 1990s food magazines. 


Jools, I agree. I am not going to submit that image . . . and when we close this post, I will delete it from FAA. I use FAA as a display site, since I don't have a Website of my own, nor do I use sites like Flicker. 


Betty, I feel the verdict is not yet in on the RX10. Is it the reason for me taking up semi-permeant residence in the sin bin? There are too many other factors to come to that conclusion; understand that I've had hundreds of images accepted by QC that were taken with the RX10 . . . so has Peter J and Jeff G. And DavidK speak highly of the camera. 


It's true that the camera is not like the Nikons we use. And it takes getting used to and an understanding of how it works in different situations. Frankly, I don't believe the RX10 is the reason for my QC problems . . . but it could be. ???  


Maybe for those of you who are interested, you might want to take another look at this image of the Freedom Tower: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/freedom-tower-ed-rooney.html  Again, why did it fail? Using the 100% viewer on FAA, you will see little somethings, interruptions on the bright edges. Those things are actual somethings on the building itself, not aberrations, but I think QC may have seen them as something picked up in my PP.  A few people in the forum suggested 'haze.'  It was a clear day with a deep blue sky, as you can see -- no haze whatsoever. 


Of course I should move on. One can't win an argument with QC any more than one can win an argument with the police. 




Thanks on the pie comment, actually, they do taste like they look.  My mother, God bless her soul, I think was one of the best pie makers ever.  I learned to bake them at her knee when I was about 11 years old.  So I've had many years to practice. My two daughters and my son, believe it or not, are carrying on the tradition.  Home made pie crust is becoming a lost art.  In fact, many women of my generation buy the frozen ones.  Yuk!  No matter how good the filling, if the crust isn't tender, yet crisp and flaky, the pie is worthless to my tastebuds.


I understand where you are coming from on your camera.  I, also, had hundreds of images accepted with the D7000.  In the same vein, I also had a few QC failures with it.  I'm not sure, but I might have never had a fail until the D7000.  But as I said before, it may not have a thing to do with the cameras but our inability to understand where Alamy QC is coming from these days.  We all know QC is much stricter.  Trying to figure out what they don't want is the problem.  Is it DOF?  What once flew right on through is now a no-no?


It's kind of like having a dog that you allowed to pee on the floor for 2 months, then all of a sudden you start whacking it with a rolled up newspaper.  You confuse it, cow it, and sometimes make it run away.



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Now I have had another look at the image, I had previously forgotten about the FAA tool for viewing parts of the image at 100%.


As I see it, the center of the image is sharp as is the edge nearest the camera.   Towards the rear of the plate it gets softer.    I think this is a good rendering, if it were mine I would upload it.


Allan, we're cell mates? Are you a chess or checkers man? 


Peter, thanks for the Go Signal, but in the present climate of QC rejection, where I reside, I do not have the brass to submit those beans . . . which I remember as French beans or Kenya beans from my time in the UK. American string beans are big, tough and fibrous, and for me inedible. 


I thought you'd be interested in the fact that I used the Scene Selection Hand-held Twilight mode on my RX10. For those of you who own the RX10, this is an alternate way of shooting in low light without a tripod or upping the ISO. Have you tried this setting? 


Edo. on a nice summer's day in Little Italy in New York City





Your right of course not to submit it - if in doubt don't is a good approach.


The "Hand held Twilight" mode is interesting and can work very well.   I tried it a few times with the RX100.   What I do not like about it is that there is no RAW file, so using it becomes a shot in the dark, one might say.   I have one Alamy image shot in this mode about a year ago DD6DXC.


Since then I have somehow forgotten about its existence, and usually only remember it when I get home from shooting something in the twilight.    Maybe when the darker nights come in, I will give it a go.   For now it is in the 80% of Sony Gizmos I never use.

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