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Adobe Creative Cloud ............... again!

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Hello All


Looks like Adobe have taken on board the comments and feedback as they have now confirmed that the Photography Plan, which is £ 8.78 (Inc VAT in UK) is the price per month and not a 'Introductory offer'


After some doubt I went along with them last year and found it worth the money, Lightroom & Photoshop plus the recent Lightroom Mobile plus cloud storage and other updates this week that I am still looking at


Have a look:  https://creative.adobe.com/plans/photography

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For those with third party plugins, CC 2014 will not work with some plugins when the update is released. My RedGiant stuff is still in process of being made compatible.


Other examples I have run across are some actions such as part of the Tony Kuyper masks sets.


Best to check.

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Jill - No my understanding - look at the link on my original posting


You're right Matt.  It is just the way it's phrased. You would think they would give the prepaid a bit of a discount though.


I am thinking about it. Thought about it for ages but didn't want to get used to it and have them jack the fees way up.


May sign up.  I will do the 30 day trial though first.


One problem, is they only seem to have mobile for Apple. What is this anyway, does Apple pay these companies not to do apps in Android or BlackBerry?


I have both Android and Blackberry, no Apple and don't ever intend to have an Apple product. So that limits me in the services.



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Do third-party plug-in filters work as well in Photoshop in the Photography Plan as they do in Photoshop CS6?


Thanks,  denden


Apparently the latest CC version will no longer have flash-based panels, everything will now be HTML5 so some actions etc will  require an update in order to work.

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