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uncompressed sizes problem

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Hi there


I'm new to Alamy and just nervously uploading my test. It accepted 3 of my images happily but has rejected the fourth and I don't understand why. The file was a tiff of 195MB uncompressed. I then compressed it and changed it to jpeg, as I had all the others. But when I uploaded it the computer stated that it was not a big enough file and that it should be over 24mb uncompressed. What have I done wrong? Or is it a technical error on the computer's part? 


thanks so much



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Not sure what you did wrong, but that sounds like an awfully big TIF. Are you sure you converted it to eight bits before saving it as a JPEG?


Alamy SizeCheck is a useful little program. You can download it here.


Newer versions of PS don't need conversion to eight bits before converting to jpg - done automatically in the process.


Can also recommend the SizeCheck programme for a quick check.


Are you sure, Fiona, that you have saved the jpg as Baseline (Standard) in Format options??

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