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  1. How do you feel about the z7 compared to the d850, other than the weight?
  2. Yes, that's true. It's not amazingly sharp, alas. What would you recommend for landscapes? Thank you for the kind words about the swan. Took ages for her to swim into the right place lol
  3. Have you considered the 24-120 with the D850? I’m a fan. D850 is a wonderful camera and the 24-120 is a nice light, versatile lens. Great for travel. Unfortunately only f4 so useless for portraits
  4. Thanks, good to know. When you say you use Bridge, how do you use it in your workflow?
  5. Just trying to get back in the Alamy game with my new found passion for lakes and wondering whether Instagram hashtag generators might be useful for Alamy? Sites like metatags where you type in a word or a picture and it gives you all the associated hashtags in order of popularity? There’s a few of them, and they are useful for Instagram but would they translate to Alamy? Is there a better site for choosing Alamy keywords? TIA!
  6. That sounds right. How do you get your shadows perfectly exposed when shooting into the sun?
  7. Oh I didn't know that about f16 giving a starburst effect! Thank you!
  8. What’s your technique for getting the exposure right when you are shooting into the sun.?I don’t want to blow the highlights bit I want enough detail to bring the shadows up in post. At the moment I look at the histogram and make sure neither end is going off the grid and there’s plenty of info in the middle. Clearly not the right strategy!
  9. Thanks everyone. I will go for it with the noise reduction and resize!
  10. I am dreadful with tripods! Also, what's the point of using a D850 if you don't take advantage of its high isos?
  11. So, I thought I was exposing so as to get enough detail in the highlights without blowing the highlights. And then I am using Lightroom and shooting raw. I clean up in Photoshop. I was referring to software like noise ninja. Let me know what you think.
  12. Just back from photographing a lake at sunset, and I'm worried that the images are looking noisy in the shadows. I was shooting at ISO 640, which on a Nikon D850 I would expect to be fine? Where am I going wrong? Ia it worth trying software to remove the noise? Or is it just that the files are so big that when viewed at 100% it shows up with loads of noise? Please someone explain to me what to do / what I should have done in idiot's terms! Thank you! I don't want to risk failing when I upload...
  13. Feeling slightly mushed by this issue. So far I have found the following: This article offers a myriad of options: https://alternativeto.net/software/dropbox/ Time Machine can only be used with an external hard drive (2 calls to Apple before I was able to confirm that!) Backblaze is popular among photographers but an IT friend has raised a concern that it is not one of the bluechips and therefore vulnerable. However, it is going to take at least 18 and possibly 146 days to get the data backed up! 4 TB is a lot of data and expensive to store.
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