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  1. Feeling slightly mushed by this issue. So far I have found the following: This article offers a myriad of options: https://alternativeto.net/software/dropbox/ Time Machine can only be used with an external hard drive (2 calls to Apple before I was able to confirm that!) Backblaze is popular among photographers but an IT friend has raised a concern that it is not one of the bluechips and therefore vulnerable. However, it is going to take at least 18 and possibly 146 days to get the data backed up! 4 TB is a lot of data and expensive to store.
  2. Then I turn to my trusty hard drives at home... Putin is not going to be interested in my photos. They're not state secrets.
  3. Interesting to hear how many people are using back blaze. My maths may be hopeless but I worked out that for my 3TB of data it would cost $16 per month? I"m hoping I got that wrong by a decimal point! The other thing that has surprised me is the number of people using BT Cloud. I have always shied away from BT on account of their dire customer service and atrocious treatment of my in laws when they moved house. After 6 months without phone contact they were offered £50 compensation. I'm going to try keeping my data with imagefile using time machine for now, since I'm already paying
  4. I think I prefer a mix of hard storage and online, just in case of a fire. In fact, you guys have made me realise that my Imagefile online gallery account is unlimited, so technically I could use that for my online storage. Hmmm.
  5. While I've been off sick, Crashplan has died! Wondering what everyone else is doing for backup these days? Any recommendations? I'm looking at backblaze but it seems quite expensive, and it's hard to work out which of the review sites are reliable. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi there I've been off sick for over a year and I'm just picking up my cameras again, so I thought I'd reintroduce myself and say hello! Hello! Fiona Campbell Hicks
  7. Thanks Rob! Model release yes, permission from the Cambodian temple, no... How does it work with the Alamy search engine? Is it better to have fewer images that sell, or as many images as possible?
  8. Hello I'm new to Alamy and still trying to feel my way around. I'm wondering whether it's a good idea to submit a bridal styled shoot to Alamy. I don't really understand how the search ratings work; if I submit images and they don't sell, will that make it harder to sell my other images? The thing is, up till now I've submitted bridal shoots to blogs for free as a way to advertise my wedding business. But sadly these days they produce very little in the way of business and I feel like I'm just providing them with free images. Which is wrong on many levels! Do Alamy sell this kind
  9. I'm new to Alamy and this makes for interesting reading. What I want to know is, what is Dyn Llyn's secret? Anyone got any tips for a newcomer?
  10. Hi there I'm new to Alamy and just nervously uploading my test. It accepted 3 of my images happily but has rejected the fourth and I don't understand why. The file was a tiff of 195MB uncompressed. I then compressed it and changed it to jpeg, as I had all the others. But when I uploaded it the computer stated that it was not a big enough file and that it should be over 24mb uncompressed. What have I done wrong? Or is it a technical error on the computer's part? thanks so much Fiona
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